For us, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the opportunity to impact the society and environment as a provider of HR services. We are committed to being a responsible for the development of Human Resources knowledge and experience in Azerbaijan because it matters to us and the people who are important to us - particularly the people who we work with. We also believe that improving our understanding and delivery of our social and environmental responsibilities is important to sustaining our success as a leading local firm, and in improving our understanding of the markets and communities we work in.

With this purporse Smart Resources Group organizes HR Networking Breakfast. The aim of the HR Networking Breakfast is to provide a unique learning and networking opportunity for everyone involved in Human Resources Management in Azerbaijan. It is a place where HR professionals can express their views and get answers to their questions, as well as to gain new perspectives on HR-related issues. We aim to stimulate beneficial experience sharing, discussions, and debates by bringing together attendees, HR experts and practitioners. Our guest speakers present the most popular HR strategies, the latest recruiting trends, as well as changes in legislation that affect the human resources management. Event attendees are exposed to the opportunity of gaining insight into the best practices and growth in Human Resources in Azerbaijan as well as advice on how to stay tuned on key issues affecting the role of HR in the organization. The event takes place once in two months and ends early, leaving everyone to get to work in time. The morning combines cookies and coffee with an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.

SRG is going to present ”Secrets of successful career” in order to help the students  for their development of personal and professional aspects as part of corporate social action and social benefits. The aim of this project is to increase practical knowledge of students, graduates and job seekers, which principles they should focus on to have a successful career in the global labor market. The main terms of the seminar include the rules of professional resume preparation, to appeal to workplaces, how to prepare for an interview, how to create self-confidence, how to realize ideas, how to properly promote skills for a successful career.