How do I answer the salary questions in an interview?

The purpose of this question is:

  • A test for your mind space and stability
  • Fixation of salary
  • To test your future aspects

The candidate has to follow some tips of answers this question. They are:


“I was paid well in my last position. The number was in line with market conditions and the results I delivered. I’m very interested in this opportunity, and I’ll be happy to discuss my compensation history when we determine that I'm the right person for the job.”

Answer #2

“I realize you need to be sure my expectations are consistent with the salary range for this position. To ensure that we’re aligned, please tell me your range for this position.”

Answer #3

“I’m reluctant to focus on just one factor at this stage when so many other factors affect what makes an opportunity a great fit: the job itself, the company, the people I'd be working with, and growth potential. So far, I'm impressed with what I have learned about this opportunity and I remain very interested in learning more!”

Answer #4

“I really need more information about the job before we start to discuss salary. I’d like to postpone that discussion until later. Maybe you could tell me what is budgeted for the position, and how your commission structure works.”