Here are a few pointers for how to handle last-minute job interviews based on mistakes people making all the time.

1. Always Have Your Resume Ready
Even if you’re called in that day you should bring a hard copy of your resume. On that note, make sure you have every version of your resume saved in your email or a Google doc, not just on your desktop at home.
2. Have a Spare Outfit Ready to Go
Along similar lines, you should always have a few clean, professional outfits at the ready in case you’re called in for an interview. Even if you have one go-to interview suit, accidents happen and clothes need to be dry cleaned—and you don’t want to be caught without it for a last-minute interview. 

3. Know What You Applied For (and With Whom)
Sometimes it can be hard to remember exactly what you applied for, especially if you’ve been sending your resume out to several places, but you can avoid this moment by keeping track of the applications you’ve sent out. Keep a list of the jobs you applied for handy, including the job title, company, hiring manager’s name, any other key details. 

4. Research, Research, Research
Always, always do your research before going in for an interview. Better yet, have a go-to interview prep guide that will help you outline all the info you need to know about a company and job in case of a surprise interview. 

5. Get Your Dates Straight
This seems like a small detail, but it’s one of the most important things you can do. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to prepare, spend a few minutes before the interview glancing over your resume and making sure you memorize the dates. 

6. Brush up on Your Manners
You don’t know how much power the receptionist actually has, and that’s just one example of why you should make sure your manners are impeccable — even if you’re late, frazzled, or stressed over a last-minute interview.