Keeping up with the trends in resume writing is important. We have cut down to two-page resumes in 2016. 

What will the trends be in 2017? 

 One page resume will be a trend in 2017

Managers and employers don’t have time to waste. You have to summarize your knowledge and abilities very well. Space will be limited but your entries should sum it all up and leave nothing out.

Visual Appeal

No templates! Generic, pre-built resume patterns, formats and adaptable templates were the documents of past. 2017 is the year of individuality. 

Keywords and Figures

Build a resume for each firm you apply at by using their language.Picking up keywords from the advertisement that you are responding to is an excellent way of ensuring attention.

Short and Snappy

Remember that your resume depicts who you are! The days of paragraphed resume and long elaborations are gone. Use short but meaningful bullet statements and try to be specific.

Emphasize on your achievements

Your achievements distinguish you from others. Think about adding a separate section of your achievements. Add some figures or numbers to make them more engaging.

Honesty is the best policy

Employers are very smart. They always verify information; they can check you out on social media or contact your previous colleagues and employers. Be honest and do not over state your worth.