Top 8 human capital trends for 2017

If we’re going to maximize the value of our organizations in 2017, it's helpful to look at the major human capital trends that will shape the coming year.


1Multigenerational workforce: In 2017, the workforce will become both younger and older at the very same time.


2. Diversity: We can expect more representation of different cultures and minority groups at all levels of organizations in 2017. 


3. Organizational design: In 2017, many companies will work to eliminate the traditional top-down, hierarchical model of an organization. Business will continue to become flattered and even more democratic.  


4.  Employee experience: Executives will pay greater attention to the employee experience in an effort to retain restless employees.


5. HR Tech: In an age of technical innovation, human resource departments will also benefit in 2017. HR teams will introduce user-friendly technologies that will let employees manage their benefits online as well as smart apps that help them make decisions. HR tech in 2017 will be fully responsive, social, easy, and integrated.


6. Learning: While younger employees may not expect to remain with a company for their entire career, they still want an opportunity to gain skills when they’re just starting out. Leading companies will create sophisticated “learning ecosystems” in 2017 to give workers pathways that provide learning any place and at any pace.


7.  Workforce management: Today's top companies obsess over analyzing business processes and employee procedures. To compete better in 2017, they will fine tune procedures that enhance productivity at all levels. Metrics for almost every work function are readily available, and an operational mindset will lead top performers to produce optimal results.


8. People analytics: In 2017, predictive talent models will help HR departments recruit and promote the right individuals into the right jobs. These models will be based in part on the qualities of incumbent employees who have been happy and successful in a job or with a company.