If you have a senior or potentially sensitive vacancy or it’s likely that your ideal candidate is currently employed and may not actively be looking for change, then this is probably the route for you. Like an elite tribe of headhunters, we track down top performers often before they even enter the job market. We kick careers into high gear. We know that every job search is unique, and we have the solutions to provide you with the expertise and undivided attention you deserve. In headhunting, specific industry knowledge of a client’s target market is far more important than in traditional recruitment and as such, search consultants are much more likely to specialise in one industry sector or sub-sector. Headhunting generally requires a far greater investment in time than traditional recruitment. It typically starts with the consultant spending time understanding your requirements in detail, including your company culture, likely candidate attributes and experience, specific information about the role and your potential competitors.

 As a Headhunter we will:

 - Search the whole of the market
 - Identify the best possible person for the job
 - Not just rely on people who are actively looking (and this does not mean tapping people from linked in and calling it headhunting)
 - Invest considerable time in identifying and approaching all possible candidates
 - Find better people, not available to our database