The aim is to establish contacts between the best international companies on the one hand and the most brilliant top and management professionals on the other hand. Our experts act as a partner supporting businesses with passion and competence in the search of qualified staff, through customized and effective solutions. The SRG strategy is to establish a partnership with clients based on uderstanding their needs, transparency, regular dialogue and deep insight into business and company culture. SRG worldwide relationship network gives you valuable insight into today’s labour market. We can advise our clients based on local market intelligence and competitive insight. We take the time to learn the needs, requirements and organisational profile of each client. Using this knowledge, we help develop a tailored employee value proposition to attract top talent. SRG proactively seeks out high-performing candidates by leveraging our relationship network, referrals, networking and other channels. We have access to proven resources and passive job seekers. We present our clients with the top professionals for each individual opportunity. We thoroughly screen and interview each candidate personally, and our process is fully transparent to our clients. SRG reckons on professionals who personally invest your company energies in the tasks your cope with, in order to perform your successfully.